Health insurance brokers are experienced, licensed professionals who can guide you – the consumer – through the complex task of choosing and utilizing health insurance coverage at an affordable price. Health insurance is an important source of financial protection that will provide you with peace of mind while it also makes medical services more affordable.

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Julia Moore



This year, I am assuming the position of President, to fill a gap that has been created due our Incoming President, Halle Treanor, having accepted an out-of-state offer to enhance her career.   Please join me in wishing Halle only the best as she pursues opportunities that will help reach her work career goals.    

To self-introduce myself, I have served this association as Local President, State President, Education Chair and Awards Chair on the Regional level and Awards Chair on the National level.   As you can see, I am not a stranger to NAHU nor the New Mexico Association.  My initial involvement with this association came about because someone “asked” me to become a member.  From that moment on, I have looked for opportunities that NAHU could offer and sought ways that, by being a member, I could really make a difference!  Active members in this association are individuals who are engaged in the sale and/or service of disability income, health insurance, Long Term Care, Medicare, supplemental, ancillary, risk management and organizations that service this industry and/or related products.   Wouldn’t it be nice if we could capture every licensed agent either working alone, within an agency, or as a carrier rep so they, too, could see and feel the real value of being a member? 

Changes in the insurance industry are affecting our clients and our future earnings every day – shrinking coverages, higher premium costs, less income, fewer insurance carriers, more regulations…and the list goes on and on.  How can we move forward with so much happening all around us, you ask?  The State and Local Boards request members to step up and volunteer for various board positions, join a committee or be recognized as a Continuing Education speaker.  What is your talent?  A few get the work done while many get the praise.  Why did you become a member?  I would like to hear what you have to say!  I am just a phone call away – let’s have a discussion on how you can make a difference!!    

Take what knowledge NAHU gives you, share with others and be the voice that makes a difference!

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